Nedbank Lesotho

Core Activities:

  • Address issues that affect Lesotho as a society: education, health, socioeconomic development, etc in a systematic manner
  • Partner with communities and NGOs in addressing social needs sustainably
  • Develop strategic partnerships for sustainable investment in our communities
  • Execute our HIV/AIDS policy effectively
  • Support and partner with selected HIV/AIDS community groups
  • Partner with environmental NGOs and government to proactively ensure environmental sustainability
  • Actively engage our own staff as champions in the areas of environmental sustainability, poverty reduction, and HIV/AIDS.

Activities in Lesotho:

Funding partner to local charities and NGOs in various fields with a focus on HIV/AIDS, Education, and Sports development, and Youth & Enterprise development.

Technical and financial support to organizations working with OVC

Contact Details:

Mr. Lazarus Murahwa
t: +266 2231 2696
f: +266 2231 1121
m: +266 5885 9595

Key Contact:
Ms. Mamoabi Ralebitso
t: +266 2231 2696
f: +266 2231 1152
m: +266 5885 6658

Postal Address:

Postal Address:
PO Box 1001
Maseru 100

Physical Address:

Physical Address:
115-117 Griffith Hill
Kingsway Street