National AIDS Commission (NAC)

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Relevant Relationships in Lesotho Text:

All originations engaged in HIV and AIDS work.

Partners by 4 thematic areas:
Know Your Status, Scripture Union, Lebone Consultants, Paballong Trust, Healthy Lifestyles Clinic, Lesotho Red Cross, and LENEPWHA
Treatment, care, and support
Lesotho Red Cross, MOHSW, and LENEPWHA
Impact mitigation
Catholic Relief Services, Office of the First Lady, Tsoanelo Care Centre, LENEPWHA, and MOHSW
Management and coordination
Association of Lesotho Employers, Ministry of Labour and Employment, National Advisory Committee on Safety and Health (NACOSH), LENASO, LIRAC, LENEPWHA, FIDA, and WILSA.




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Core Activities:

NACs mandate is to coordinate the national response to HIV/AIDS through the following actions:
1. Policy development (i.e.- National HIV/AIDS policy)
2. Strategy development (i.e.- National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan)
3. Mobilize all players and stakeholders to participate in the implementation of these policies and plans
4. Capacitate implementing partners technically and financially
5. Conduct monitoring and evaluation of implementation and assess impact
6. Reporting and advising to government
7. Research to inform HIV/AIDS related decision-making

Activities in Lesotho:

  • NAC ensures a conducive environment for responding to HIV and  Aids in Lesotho.
  • NAC has just completed development of the national HIV prevention strategy.
  • Prevention of the new National HIV and Aids strategy plan (2011-2016) is the key to combating HIV/Aids. Development of this new strategy in underway and implementation of the national BCC strategy is underway.

Future Plans:

NAC strives to provide effective leadership in the coordination of the national response to HIV and AIDS in Lesotho thereby achieving the “Three Ones” principle of the United Nations: one coordinating body, one strategic plan and one monitoring and evaluation plan.


World Bank
Global Fund
UN Agencies
Government of Lesotho

Funding received:
World Bank, Programmatic support
Global Fund, Programmatic support
SAfAIDS, Programmatic support
UN Agencies, Programmatic support
Government of Lesotho, 40-60% NAC operations and remaining programmatic support

Contact Details:

Head of Organisation:
‘M’e ‘Manneheng Mopeli, Chief Executive a.i.
t: +266 2232 6794
f: 22264460

‘M’e Mpolokeng Mpeli, Communications Officer
t: +266 2232 6794
f: +266 2232 7210

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PO Box 11232
Maseru 100

Physical Address:

Maseru Sun
Cabanas Office Block